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SCS provides practical self protection including unarmed defense and certified firearms training. Concealed Carry classes are also available. 


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-Simple Combat Solutions


Simple Combat Solutions began as a dream three years ago, when Keith Sigmon got tired of the traditional teaching atmosphere, in a dojo.  He decided to create a new, customized, real-world experience, where students could learn empty hand martial arts, weapons defense, and firearms instruction, all in one place.  Keith has trained in Aikido Martial Arts for over 25 years, and has accumulated a vast knowledge of self-defense.  Keith has also trained in the handling of firearms, and is proficient with hundreds of weapon platforms as a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor.


Through Simple Combat Solutions, Keith offers classes on Firearms Safety, Weapon Nomenclature, Weapons Defense, Real-World Training Exercises, Introduction to Firearms, Concealed Carry Classes, Know the Law: Laws Regarding Firearms.


Through each period of instruction, Keith takes the time to go through the motions, with each and every student, ensuring proficiency on the subject matter at hand.  Other classes simply roll through the numbers, trying to get their students to memorize answers for a test.  With Simple Combat Solutions, you actually understand the “Why”, and not just the “What”.


Keith has been officially certified by the state of North Carolina, and the Justice Academy, as an instructor for Concealed Carry Certification.  His concealed carry classes are second to none, and our reviews reflect.  Our students come back again and again for more education on firearms or self defense. 

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Keith Sigmon

Keith Sigmon is an expert in firearms training, and self-defense.  If you are looking for a great educational course, or a concealed carry course, you have come to the right place.

Keith has been involved with self defense training, and firearms training for over three decades, and his experience is evident while taking any of his courses.  Whether you are in seek of knowledge, or some real-world defense training, or a concealed carry permit, Keith is the go to in the area.

It can be difficult to find a concealed carry course that is tailored to make sure that everyone keeps up, and understands the material.  Keith takes the time to go through the motions with each one of his students, and ensure that they not only understand the material, but they are proficient with it in real world situations.

Anyone can aim at a still target to practice.  Keith takes it one step further with moving targets, real world scenarios, and his ALL NEW, State of the art Firearms Simulator.

This simulator is capable of producing ANY scenario that you would want to practice for, from hostage situations, to swat training, to skeet shooting, to long range engagement.

When looking for a concealed carry course in Newton, Keith and Simple Combat Solutions is the #1 choice!

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Through the years, Keith has ran security teams in North Carolina, California, and Georgia.  His knowledge and experience permeates every class he teaches, and the students appreciate it as well.  Along with the knowledge and experience, Keith brings a great sense of humor to his Concealed Carry Classes in Newton, which allows the class to go by easily, with a great no pressure vibe.


You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by scheduling a class with Keith Sigmon, and Simple Combat Solutions.  Give us a call today, and schedule your concealed carry class, your self-defense class, or your new run in the all new, STATE OF THE ART Firearms Simulator.


This firearms simulator is something you can’t find anywhere else in the area.  It allows you to create any situation, and any scenario, to fit exactly what you want to train for.  From shooting skeet, to hostage situations, to 300 yard shots.  This simulator can handle it all.


Call today and get your session with the Firearms Simulator in Newton, with Simple Combat Solutions.

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